KTP_5640The Global Village adjacent to the ISTH booth (#1036) in the Exhibition Hall is a source of inspiration for the next World Thrombosis Day. At booths from almost a dozen countries, materials from the first World Thrombosis Day in 2014 lay the foundation for new initiatives planned in 2015. The countries represented, such as Slovakia, Brazil, India, Iran and Canada, are as diverse as the ideas.

At the booth created for the United Kingdom, Shelley Webster, chairman, Board of Trustees, Thrombosis UK, can walk visitors through one of the most mature programs and one of the most successful. Thrombosis UK was created in 2002. Although it participated in 2014 and has drawn up plans for 2015, the group can already claim responsibility for mandatory thrombosis risk assessment for all hospitalized patients in the United Kingdom, according to Webster. Data tracked since the policy was implemented show a mortality benefit attributed to reduced rates of pulmonary embolism.

“You don’t need a lot of money, you just need to make a lot of noise,” Webster said, capturing, perhaps, the essence of World Thrombosis Day.

Sample handouts from the other booths promote the same message. At the local level, the concept of World Thrombosis Day is to get out the facts on thrombotic disease. These tell their own story, changing behavior to save lives.

Learn more and join the movement at www.worldthrombosisday.org



By |June 22, 2015