The Scientific and Standardization Committee (SSC) of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis met on the front end of the ISTH 2015 Congress, with no shortage of topics discussed.

For example, attendees of the session on women’s issues learned about the formation of a registry that’s tracking women who are taking new oral anticoagulants during pregnancy. This is an important issue, because the new oral anticoagulants are neither licensed for women during pregnancy nor for women who are breastfeeding, according to SSC Chair Sabine Eichinger, who heads the anticoagulation clinic at  Medical University Hospital, Vienna, Austria. Since it is not common for women who are taking these drugs to become pregnant, “the only way to get consistent data and high quality data will be via our registry. This initiative is welcome, and I hope that there will be many people participating in this important registry,” she said.

This year’s meeting also marked the debut of an SSC subcommittee dedicated to genomics in thrombosis and hemostasis. The subcommittee was formed, because genomics “has an overlapping scope,” explained Eichinger. “This is why we felt there should be a subcommittee especially dedicated to genomics, rather than having genomics integrated into already existing subcommittees.”

She characterized the educational impact of each SSC subcommittee session as “unique” and “a very nice feature” of the overall ISTH experience.

By Doug Brunk |June 21, 2015