Social Media

Connect with the ISTH and your peers online to broaden the conversation at ISTH 2015. Use #ISTH2015 to share your thoughts and learn what others are thinking. Additionally, be sure to take part in a World Thrombosis Day Twitter chat with the ISTH and official World Thrombosis Day partners on Monday, June 22 at noon. Use this hashtag to take part: #ClotChat.

WiFi Access:
The wifi network for the Congress is “ISTH 2015” and the password is “biogensobi”

Connect with the ISTH social media accounts to get the latest pictures, news and information. Find us on Facebook, Twitter (@ISTH), Linkedin and Instagram (@ISTHOfficeTeam).

If you mention the ISTH or #ISTH2015 on social media while you are at the meeting, you can pick up a free prize at the ISTH booth (#1036) in the Exhibition Hall! Each day will have a different prize, so keep the conversation going online! Share your thoughts, photos and ideas, and be sure to mention the ISTH and #ISTH2015!

By |June 9, 2015