When a small group of investigators gathered together in 1954 to form the precursor to what would eventually Membership Mapbecome the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), they could not have conceived the full breadth and diversity that ISTH membership would eventually encompass. Today more than 3,600 individuals from more than 90 countries are members of the ISTH, and thousands more have participated in the Society’s Congresses, SSC meetings, education courses and webinars.

“I am really excited about the continued growth in the Society’s membership,” said Claire McLintock, chair of the ISTH Membership and Communications Committee. “It is hugely encouraging and suggests that clinicians, scientists and researchers across the world recognize that the Society has something unique to offer.”

In the last 12 years, ISTH membership has grown by 40 percent. Additionally, the membership has also grown in geographical diversity, as 10 percent of members are from Asia and six percent are located in South America, a great improvement in representation.

“Interest in the specialty of thrombosis and hemostasis is increasing globally as well as the recognition of the need to support training of clinicians, laboratory scientists and researcher in our field,” McLintock said. “ISTH support for thrombosis and hemostasis organizations in Latin America, and more recently China, South East Asia and Eastern Europe, has been really successful in providing support for training by funding regional and international speakers for ISTH Education Courses that are run in conjunction with local regional meetings across the world. Activities like these not only raise the profile of the specialty but also the profile of our Society, and they highlight the opportunities that being a member of ISTH brings.”

As part of a new initiative in 2015, the ISTH opened a new category of membership, the ISTH Academy limited membership, which provides free and open access to selected webinars and courses through the ISTH Academy. More than 100 individuals have already registered as ISTH Academy members. All other paying ISTH members receive full and complete access to the ISTH Academy.

“The focus on development of educational activities such as the webinars and the ISTH Academy as well as Advanced Training courses (like the one being held in Dubai this September) really help stimulate people’s interest,” McLintock said. “We need to continue this momentum – a task made easier with development of the ISTH Clinical Core Curriculum as well as the success of World Thrombosis Day, ensuring that the Society remains relevant and membership will continue to grow.”

Register as an ISTH member online today to be a part of this exciting time at the ISTH. Or you may register in person at the ISTH booth (#1036) and receive a special gift: a free portable charging battery for your phone!


By |June 9, 2015