The ISTH Academy, the Society’s official online education platform, has released a new module, “Diagnosis of Venous Thrombosis,” for the ISTH Course on Venous Thrombosis (VT). The ISTH Course on VT is an accredited course, developed by internationally recognized ISTH experts, and this new module, developed by Philip Wells of the University of Ottawa, is the third component of nine modules that will be released over the next year.

ISTH Course on VT“This course combines all aspects of venous thrombosis in separate modules, starting from pathophysiology and epidemiology to prevention and treatment, including more specialized topics such as venous thrombosis in children and laboratory tests,” said course editor Suzanne Cannegieter.

The interactive modules feature presentations that include pictures, video, in-course quizzes, interactive glossaries and end-of-module assessments.

“The interactive e-learning set up allows learning in one’s own time and pace, with several opportunities through the course to test one’s knowledge in small, practical tests,” Cannegieter said. “All authors of the modules are leading experts in their field. They are well-known presenters at conferences and authors of several important papers and book chapters.”

Kenneth Mann edited the first module, “The Coagulation System.” He believes part of what makes the course unique is the connection of scientific ideas to historical perspective. “This course is distinctive because we connect everything to the human beings who made the quintessentially important observations that permit the construction of this pathway,” Mann said. “That’s important because we not only deal with the science of this enterprise, but also the history of how these paradigms have been developed over time.”

Mann believes that a quality education stems from quality mentors and teachers, and the ISTH Course on VT offers him and others the opportunity to teach people around the world. “This technology provides a vehicle to extend one’s reach outside the classroom or the lecture hall,” he said. “The whole enterprise of the ISTH, in terms of this integrated learning system, is valuable, as it extends intellectual property across the planet.”

Cannegieter emphasized that the course is open to anyone in every country, and it is not specifically targeted for thrombosis specialists. “The advantage of this course is that it can comply with individual requirements,” she said. “Anyone interested in one particular topic can just access one module, while a doctor who needs to review ‘venous thrombosis’ in general can complete the whole course and claim CME credits.”

The project, which is the result of years of planning and preparation, is a unique and remarkable achievement. “Creating this project involved intensive collaboration between people working on three continents (including authors and editors with clinical or scientific backgrounds, medical writers, managers from ISTH headquarters and e-learning platform developers), which has been a fruitful and productive process with a result that we are all very proud of,” Cannegieter said.

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By |June 9, 2015