Nurses play an integral role in caring for those affected by inherited bleeding disorders and improving access to treatment. This year’s ISTH Congress recognizes these contributions during a two-day forum designed to support continued education for professional nurses from across the globe.

The Nurses’ Forum and Allied Health Professionals’ Scientific Session will be stationed throughout the convention floor and is open to anyone attending the Congress. Throughout the session, nurses can observe presentations, peer-reviewed abstracts, workshops and interactive panels that showcase work from a variety of nurses. The session will identify the dynamic and comprehensive role nurses play in inherited bleeding disorder care and recognize their ability to improve patients’ personal health management and quality of life.

As part of the session, Bayer HealthCare will host a hemophilia self-infusion demonstration and training session for nurses at its booth #702 on June 22 from 9:15-9:45 a.m. The event, which will be led by registered nurses Vanessa Bouskill of The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and Rebecca Goldsmith of McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, will feature the KidK/BayCuff self-infusion programs designed to help patients better understand and treat hemophilia.

The demonstration will use the KidK/BayCuff device to train nurses on the self-infusion process and provide them with the necessary knowledge to administer training to both youth and adult patients. Worn on the hand or arm, the device contains an artificial vein that helps users simulate the infusion process and helps patients gain confidence with their technique before performing the task on their own veins.

“Nurses play an important role in treating and educating patients and caregivers on inherited bleeding disorders. In many instances, we develop a close relationship with the patient and their families,” said Vanessa Bouskill, nurse practitioner of the Comprehensive Bleeding Disorders Program in the division of hematology/oncology at the Hospital for Sick Children. “Having the skills and expertise to educate others on inherited bleeding disorders such as hemophilia is critical to improving patient outcomes.”

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By |June 8, 2015