The ISTH Young Professionals Task Force (YPTF) was organized after the ISTH 2013 Congress in Amsterdam and continues to promote clinical, research and educational activities focused on young investigators. Aligned with the mission of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), the YPTF aims to increase the awareness of the numerous opportunities to young professional and to facilitate the creation of new activities.

To learn more, the ISTH held a question and answer session with Mandy Lauw, a YPTF member and an MD/PhD fellow in the department of vascular medicine at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam.

Mandy Lauw

Mandy Lauw

ISTH: What is the mission of the YPTF, and why is it important?
Mandy Lauw:
The mission of the YPTF is to create awareness among young professionals about the ISTH, its aims and the opportunities that the ISTH can offer to young members, such as grants, fellowships, webinars and a network of colleagues. In addition, the YPTF aims to create a voice for the young professionals within the ISTH, and to promote clinical, research and educational activities, focused on young professionals. With these activities and with social media, we are trying to extend our outreach to young professionals in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis, worldwide.

ISTH: Who should consider joining YPTF?
ML: Anyone who would like to be involved in creating a larger and better representation for young professionals within the field of thrombosis and hemostasis, and who is interested in organizing activities and projects, which will help to increase the visibility of young professionals. Moreover, it will help to expand your own network!

ISTH: Why did you become involved with the YPTF?
ML: I wanted to learn more about the ISTH as an organization and to help increase awareness within the ISTH about the needs and preferences of young professionals, so new activities and opportunities could be created according to our desires. In addition, I really enjoyed meeting many other active international young professionals through ISTH and, by being involved with the YPTF, to be able to work with them on various projects.

ISTH: What are some of the projects and activities of the YPTF?
ML: In our first two years, we have we have created a webpage and Facebook page where young professionals can connect and read about the various opportunities offered by the ISTH. We have also organized career mentorship sessions during the current ISTH 2015 meeting, to enable young professionals to enjoy a very interactive and small session with some very excellent and established investigators. As part of our plan going forward, we are creating more awareness about Reach-the-World Fellowships for candidates from developing countries. We have expanded the selection criteria, and we are now translating the website in numerous other languages. Additionally, we are setting up a new database with established investigators who have successfully hosted Reach-the-World Fellows in the past and/or who would be interested in welcoming a Fellow in the future. Finally, we are creating a platform for young professionals to be involved in new/revised guidelines to be written by several guidelines and guidance committees within the ISTH.

ISTH: What do you see for the future of the YPTF?
ML:  We hope we can extend our activities in the next years so more young professionals can profit from our existence. We would like to offer opportunities not only for the individual young professional (grants, fellowships), but also for larger groups, by involving more young professionals in ISTH activities on various levels; from involvement in the ISTH organization to organizing activities, to writing guidelines, collaborating with established investigators, and providing better access to resources for young professionals in Reach-the-World countries. For this, we need an active and creative YPTF, but also the help from other young professionals worldwide who would like to help with this.

By |June 9, 2015