ISTH AcademyIn March the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) introduced its new online platform for knowledge and advancement, the ISTH Academy. The Academy offers a highly organized and searchable platform for education, including webinars, webcasts, online courses and much more.

Monthly ISTH Academy webinars are available on practical thrombosis and hemostasis issues. These webinars feature prominent speakers and allow participants to ask questions regarding the latest information on relevant topics. CME credit is also available for all 2015 webinars. Additionally, the ISTH Course on Venous Thrombosis is now available. The course currently features two modules, with nine total modules to be released over the next year.

An especially useful feature of the Academy’s library is the new search function. Search any topic or keyword, and the ISTH Academy will compile every webinar, video, e-poster, recorded lecture or even a single slide that features that topic. And following the ISTH 2015 Congress, all webcasts, abstracts and e-posters from the Congress will be available from the ISTH Academy’s online portal.

ISTH members receive full and complete access to all of the ISTH Academy’s offerings. Non-members will need to either register as a full member of the ISTH or obtain a free, limited ISTH Academy membership. The ISTH Academy limited membership offers access to all archived 2014 webinars and the new ISTH Course on Venous Thrombosis. Visit to get started.

By |June 9, 2015