For patients with hemophilia, prophylaxis with replacement factor can prevent bleeding episodes, preserve joint function and improve the quality of life, but despite its benefits, there are also barriers to adherence. Conversations between patients and healthcare providers are a critical part in developing targeted and effective treatment plans for patients with hemophilia. However, it’s not easy to visualize the long-term consequences of not being adherent on something like joint health, especially when the effects may not appear until years later. To tackle that difficult issue, Bayer HealthCare developed a one-of-a-kind interactive tool to help guide these important conversations between patients and their providers.

The Hemophilia Joint Visualizer (HJV) is the first and only tool which personalizes a patient’s experience based on measures such as prophylaxis time, age and adherence, and presents a visual impact assessment for those who are non-adherent or who switch to on-demand therapy. The HJV provides an individualized joint profile summary, which facilitates discussion with physicians about the impact of projected joint health on activities, such as biking and driving. This information can be used by healthcare providers to tailor their conversations to the patient’s level of activity and can be printed or emailed to the patient.

“The HJV helps to facilitate a meaningful dialogue between healthcare providers and patients with hemophilia,” said Dr. Andrea Doria, clinician scientist and radiologist at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. “Providers can use the tool to demonstrate the importance of adherence in long-term joint health, helping our patients better understand their treatment regimen and facilitate the exchange of important information for both patient and provider.”

Dr. Doria will lead an interactive demonstration of the HJV June 24 from 9:15-9:45 a.m. at the Bayer booth #702 in the Exhibit Hall. During the demonstration, participants will have an opportunity to explore the tool and engage with Dr. Doria. For access and more information on the HJV tool or to learn about the benefits of prophylaxis and the importance of adherence, visit http://www.hjv.bayer.co.uk/.

By |June 9, 2015