Ten receive BACH Awards

awards_Monday2The ISTH presented ten individuals with the Society’s Biennial Awards for Contributions to Hemostasis (BACH Awards) at Monday night’s President’s Dinner. The Society bestows this prestigious recognition on individuals who, in the opinion of their peers, have made significant contributions to research and education in blood coagulation.

The Distinguished Career Award, which recognizes individuals whose career contributions have significantly advanced the scientific community’s understanding of diseases and disorders that affect awards_Mondayhemostasis, was given to: Harry Büller (the Netherlands); Ulla Hedner (Sweden); Nigel Mackman (USA); Wolfman Ruf (USA-Germany); and Gilbert White (USA).

The Investigator Recognition Award, which recognizes  individuals whose accomplishments are internationally regarded as exemplary models of research and teaching excellence, was given to Sriram Krishnaswamy (USA); Steffen Massberg (Germany); Willem Ouwehand (UK); Tim Springer (USA); and Alisa Wolberg (USA).